For most homes carpet is still the number one choice, carpet provides that very special welcome and enhances your home. It also has numerous benefits.


There is an endless array of colours, qualities and patterns to choose from giving extensive decorating scope


Soft, tactile elegant and cosy.


Noiseless underfoot, it absorbs sound, resulting in a calmer, more relaxing home life.


Soft and forgiving, carpet is non-slip and provides a safe and gentle living space for children and the family. Various ranges Approved by the British Allergy Foundation and supporters of the National Asthma Campaign.


Carpet is heat-retentive. 15% of household heat disappears through uninsulated floors – but not with carpet.


One of the most important choices to be made for the installation of your new carpet, helps the carpet to wear up to 40% longer.


Carpet offers you a vast range of colour, design style and surface texture options.

From Twist pile, Velvet pile, Loop piles to Saxony’s and Shag piles.



  • Red: From the gentle warmth of terracotta, right down to a coral pink, red stirs the senses, touches and arouses passion.
  • Blue: From the clear blue skies down to the dark deep blue of the sea, the true blue palette is a treasure trove of colour.
  • Green: Nothing is more restful as the colour green. Tranquil, calming and peaceful use green to create an impression of space.
  • Natural Soft: Muted earth tones giving you the feeling of natural space, harmony and peace.


Simple, beautiful and inherently strong, natural floocoverings, look spectacular whether you are planning a svelte, modern interior or furnishing a rustic country cottage.


  • Sisal – Strong, hardwearing and extremely versatile
  • Seagrass – Amazing textural, tactile designs
  • Coir – Highly textured, and hard wearing